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Are you a retail brand owner and looking for a manufacturing partner to provide own label products...

...then we’d love to get to know your business and explore opportunities together.

Our experienced team have extensive experience built up over the last 30 years, providing outsourcing and brand management solutions for trusted blue-chip companies and UK multiple retailers.

Different customers have differing approaches to Own Label business. Our adaptive model means we can fit in with any specific requirements you have and ensures a smooth development, production and launch programme for your product.

We can help you at every stage of this process including:

Product Development

Our project development team work with pace and a great deal of pride! One of our greatest strengths is our ability to turn around a brief to full production in a very short time.

Our own label development service includes:

  • Concept and groundwork research – we will carry out all the investigation and benchmarking to measure the feasibility of your new product.
  • Product development planning – we will look at what’s necessary to get your product from the idea phase to your shelves.
  • Conceptual prototyping and early market validation – we can show you what the product will look like and carry out limited market testing.
  • Packaging design and creation – effective and innovative packaging that fits in with any corporate branding requirements and has shelf impact.

Manufacturing & Delivery

We offer specialist cold-press manufacturing on a contract basis, from the sourcing of raw materials, right through to the transit packaging and everything in between.

We can assist you at every stage of manufacture and delivery:

  • Sourcing and supplier negotiation – we search for raw materials and packaging suppliers that meet your technical and brand requirements.
  • Production line management and control – taking full responsibility for getting the product into “successful” production.
  • Quality control – looking after production supervision and legal conformance for the product, including working to customer specific standards. Our manufacturing facility holds a BRC A rating which comply with British Retail standards.
  • Supply chain monitoring – managing all post production elements including SKU systems.
  • Logistics – from delivery from manufacture to your own warehouse goods inwards and store procedures.

Once the own label product is on the shelf we can work with you on the sales data and analytics, discussing product performance against our brand benchmark data.


As well as manufacturer of own label products we are also importers of finished products for retailers own brands. We understand the intricacies of importing into the UK from across the world. How important it is to manage logistics effectively, forecasting demand to avoid stock outs, meeting the needs of day-to-day supply chain management and ensuring fast turnaround from order to delivery. This ensures we give our customers what they want from their importer, helping us achieve an enviable service level when it comes to sourcing from overseas.

Call: 0044 (0) 1430 803263

Onli Natural cold-pressed bars contain only the finest ingredients. Dairy, wheat and gluten free and have no added colours or preservatives... 

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B’good is all about guilt-free satisfaction with simple and tasty ingredients. And they have no added artificial colourings or preservatives…

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Our fruit snacks are just the thing for your little one’s lunchboxes. Children love them because they're bursting with natural fruit juice. We love them because they're free from colourings and preservatives...

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Our Ethics...

We pursue an unwavering commitment to the highest ethics believing that a little love and care goes a long way. Committed to sustainability, working to reduce, re-use and recycle wherever we can, to play our part in making the world a better place to live...

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